Historic Sidewalk Cobble – Rare Finds

Historic Sidewalk Cobble®  is reclaimed cobblestone originally used in European pedestrian areas only. These beautiful hand-split stones were originally created for a flat and consistent surface area, making this cobblestone extremely foot friendly. In addition, Historic Sidewalk Cobble®  has not been exposed to the dirt, oil, eventual asphalt that covered many cobblestone streets. The tops are very flat and patina is warm and colorful. Size: 5″ to 6″ squares x 2″ to 4″ high

Rare Finds (limited stock):

Included in this section are rare types of cobblestone such as Napoleon Heads – cobbles originally found on long carriage drives and courts of huge estates and castles, most commonly found in the French region, approximately 8″x8″x8″. Golden Granite is a warm granite in an extra large rectangle size of approximately 5″x 9″, another rare find. Quantities are limited!  We often discover unique and rare cobblestone, for more information please call our office today!

Project photos below:

Antique Reclaimed Granite Cobblestone

Reclaimed Antique Granite cobblestone lends timeless beauty as paving for driveways, motor courts, walkways, courtyards, banding, edging even cladding.

Antique Reclaimed Sandstone Cobblestone

Charming old-world SANDSTONE cobblestone pavers – as durable as granite. Gorgeous warm colors and a foot-friendly surface combined to make this stone type a stand-out!

Historic Sidewalk Cobble – Rare Finds

Reclaimed antique cobblestone originally used in pedestrian areas only. The tops are very flat and patina is warm and colorful.

Antique Reclaimed Curb

Impressive salvaged European CURB. Two stone types; limestone or granite curb available in various sizes. Excellent for driveways, wonderful edging for walkways and landscape borders.