European Sandstone cobblestone offers a smooth and well-worn top with an extremely unique color range.

Antique granite cobbles tend to be uneven – or as we say, full of character! However European Sandstone cobblestone have a more consistently worn top due to the type of stone. This allows for a flatter finished paving surface. European Sandstone cobblestone is a very hard and resistant sandstone cobble which was quarried dating back to the 18th century. Antique cobbles by virtue of age and wear, have worn and smoothed tops giving them a notable luster, patina and charm. However this type of antique reclaimed cobblestone offers a smooth and well-worn top with an extremely unique color range. Colors vary from earth tones, grey to earthy green, providing a perfect palette to compliment many architectural styles.

Reclaimed antique Historic European sandstone cobblestone is a very hard, tight grained, durable cobblestone – as durable as granite. This stone type originates from the western region of Europe and has been used in building and for paving in villages and cities for hundreds of years and is freeze/thaw resistant.

We import this genuine cobblestone in 6 different sizes, found here in this specification pdf: Historic European Cobblestone Specifications – including offering a thin paver height (sawn at 1.5 to 2″) for concrete based installations. Because its very comfortable under-foot, its a great material for walkways or patios and yet perfectly suited for driveways. Remember, Historic European sandstone cobble is appropriate in all freeze/thaw conditions!

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