Antique reclaimed cobblestone in a very special combination we call Antique French Blend, was selected by the client of one of our favorite contractors on the East coast for this spectacular property near Cockeysville Maryland. Over 9,000 sf of cobblestone was used for the driveway apron,driveway approach and motor court areas.

What is different about antique French Blend, is the variety of sizes and reclaimed stones from the French region. This is an antique ‘sandstone’ in four sizes; 5″x5″x5″, 6″x6″x6″, 4″x5″x7″, 5″x7″x8″ . The installation was perfectly executed due to the careful craftsmanship by the contractor’s mason. The result – simply gorgeous!  This unique and beautiful cobble falls within our “Rare Finds” category.

Antique reclaimed cobblestone from our Historic European Cobblestone collection, is consistently available in six different sizes and two stone types; beautiful classic granite, and warm, unique sandstone. This provides you 12 different options! In addition we supply beautiful Historic Sidewalk Cobble and a few other types of cobblestone making your hardest decision simply choosing ‘which one’ ? For more information on all our antique reclaimed cobblestone and the various types of antique curb we import directly from Europe, visit either or or call us today!