Selecting natural stone for your home or commercial project is an investment decision requiring expertise.

The once-common knowledge of what natural stone is and how it should be used has been lost in the information overload found on the internet. When you include options available in man-made/concrete look-alike building materials, its understandable why confusion exists.

Stone selection guided by expertise during the process – assures a successful outcome.

Specifying the right stone requires an understanding of the vast choices in types, color and application. Architectural stone, stone flooring or tile, veneer or landscape stone – all require careful consideration on multiple levels. With 40 years’ experience, Monarch Stone International understands the challenges of new construction, matching pre-existing stone, or restoration work. Our stone expertise will guide you through the decisions that go far beyond the perfect color.

Critical to the selection of any stone, are choices that begin with suitability based on your location and conditions, such as weather and exposure to water/moisture, followed by qualifications such as stone density, work-ability, finish and installation considerations. While purchasing decisions are often driven by color and price, if the stone is not appropriate for your local climate conditions, nor strong enough to last, the investment could be compromised in the future. By working with knowledgeable stone experts, these issues will be discussed along with ASTM testing to confirm that the stone meets the minimum industry standards, as well as that it is the right stone for the application.

Where pre-existing stone or restoration work are concerned, the question will be whether or not the same stone is still available and if the quarry can produce the same color. Stone color and other factors can change as the quarry evolves. You’ll want to work with a stone expert who has both a deep understanding of stone as well as strong relationships with stone quarries – both domestically and internationally, which will ultimately provide you with answers and options.

Let us put our knowledge to work and navigate the stone selection process for you! Monarch Stone International’s decades of experience managing stone for architectural, flooring and landscape requirements will provide you with an investment that will last a lifetime!