Massive sections of antique limestone and old granite curb can be custom sawn to your specified length and height requirements. Curbing often shows hand chisel markings or appears smooth and worn revealing its wonderful aged patina. Either type of stone is appropriate in all freezing conditions and has already withstood hundreds of years of weather, foot traffic and general wear. These enormous pieces of limestone curbing range from 24″ to 60″ in length and up to 16″ tall. They can also be custom sawn to your specified length and/or height requirements, such as 6″ high to accommodate a concrete base as shown in the image above and below. This charming old curbing often shows hand chisel markings and with plenty of character, or is sometimes available with a smooth surface which is beautifully worn, revealing its charming antique patina.

Another curbing option we offer is antique “Granite” curb which is different from limestone. These are versatile, over-sized (12″ long x 6” wide x 12″ high) rectangle pieces that resemble huge cobbles. Their smaller size allows more flexibility with design, and can effectively handle the curves in your garden. Granite curb pieces can also be sawn to accommodate a concrete base. Both the antique reclaimed limestone curb and granite curb are appropriate in all-weather types including freezing conditions.

A third option to the two curbing types above, is our reclaimed cobblestone. Cobblestone is great material to use for curbing, perimeter edging or borders. Raised cobbles can be an effective way to retain decomposed granite or gravel. Available from our Historic European Cobblestone collection, in either granite (porphyry) or old sandstone, traditional squares cobbles in 5×5, 6×6 or 7×7  or rectangles in 4×7 or 5×8 all can be set on a concrete bed, elevated or used as a border.

The photo above features a project that selected 200 lineal feet of limestone curb: 6″ wide x 12″ to 36″ random lengths x 6″ sawn height as an authentic border to 3,200 sf of Historic European Cobblestone in Sandstone 6” x 6” x 2 “ sawn bottom for a concrete base installation in Los Angeles, CA.

Visit our website today or give us a call to learn more about the variety of choices we can offer for your curbing requirements! Your stone driveway, cobblestone walkway or garden areas will pop with curbing in genuine antique granite or old limestone curbing or cobblestone imported from Europe!