Granite is the most plentiful natural stone available and a strong choice for cobblestone driveways, walkways, edging and more.

Granite is quarried in many areas of North America as well as worldwide and is one of the hardest/dense geological stone types known. It is an igneous rock that forms when magma cools slowly beneath the earth’s surface, forming large, easily visible crystals of quartz, feldspar, and mica. Scientifically, igneous rock must contain between 10% and 50% quartz to be classified as granite, but other similar stones such as gabbro, diabase, anorthosite, sodalite, gneiss, and basalt are sometimes sold as “granite” commercially.

The color range of granite varies depending on the quarry location. The usual color variation of typical granite cobblestone is gray, speckled black/white and pink.  The alkali feldspar is what gives a distinctive pink color, and the amount of crystals add to the speckled appearance.

The durability of granite for a driveway is second to none. If you’re searching for granite cobblestone for a driveway, walkway or other landscape need, perhaps you’ve grown tired of the common color ranges, especially in newly fabricated material. Granite from Europe is charming and the color range is unique! Authentic Historic European Cobblestone® is unlike most granite cobblestone variety!

The granite extracted from European deposits, is a variation of gray, gray-burgundy and earthy tones, with less obvious crystallizations. The reclaimed, antique variety has an incredible authentic aged patina which is unlike anything newly quarried. And the natural strength and durability of granite is evident in the antique reclaimed variety, having tested time with foot, horse, vehicle traffic, weather and more.

Natural stone of any variety will increase your homes curb appeal and value, but with Historic European Cobblestone®, the uniqueness factor alone will create a lasting impression for years to come!  Images of this unique product can be found: Antique Granite Cobblestone page and Granite Project’s Gallery.