Reclaimed antique curb adds a distinctive feature to natural stone driveways!

You’ve made the decision to invest in a natural stone driveway, perhaps a genuine antique reclaimed, Historic European Cobblestone driveway? What would make the design complete ? Genuine antique granite or old limestone reclaimed CURB imported from Europe!

Reclaimed from streets in Europe, salvaged antique CURB is available in two types and sizes of natural stone. Salvaged curb is an authentic compliment to your antique cobblestone driveway or walkway and are perfect when used as raised edging and borders for protecting soft-scape and lawn.

Massive sections of antique limestone and old granite curb can be custom sawn to your specified length and height requirements. Curbing often shows hand chisel markings or appears smooth and worn revealing its wonderful aged patina. Appropriate in all freezing conditions.

In addition to classic reclaimed limestone curbing, there are extremely large granite rectangles (6″ wide x 12″ long x 12″ high) that were originally used for curb and edging. These pieces are smaller than the limestone and allows more flexibility with design, especially small curved areas.

Here are some key points to keep in mind when considering a salvaged antique curb:

  • Salvaged or reclaimed; its recycled and good for the environment!
  • Added value to your property as they are easily more than 100 years old and in some cases several hundred years old.
  • Natural chisel marks and character will add charm and personality.
  • Massive sections of antique limestone and granite curb, can be custom sawn to your specified length / height requirements.
  • Perfectly appropriate in freezing conditions.

Lets us help you discover the potential for your property using authentic reclaimed stone curb and cobblestone imported from Europe! For more information, call us today!