History is found beneath your feet!

For hundreds of years in Europe, local stone was quarried, hand-split then ‘cobbled’ into rectangle or square shapes for road pavement. Various sizes of cobblestone were used depending upon need. Small cubes or mosaics for intricate fan or curved patterns, squares and rectangles for roadways requiring straight lines and very unusual large 7” x 7” square or even larger rectangle shapes for country homes and estate entryways. Envision fantasy-like castles, with long graceful cobblestone drives or circular court yards for horse and carriage to deliver their guests!

Eventually, due to impact on automobile tires during the past century and the evolution of paving material for roadways, cobblestone streets became unpopular. It was commonplace for European towns and cities to cover cobblestones roads with earth and asphalt, left to be discovered in modern times.

Today our company proudly imports a unique collection of reclaimed antique cobblestone and curb directly from Europe we’ve named, the Historic European Cobblestone® collection. The top surface of Historic European Cobblestone® has been exposed to hundreds of years of wear from traffic; foot, carriage, horse …..perhaps the advancing armies of great leaders marched over them!  Ah yes, if only these cobblestones could talk!

The buried cobble is reclaimed and old curb is salvaged from areas throughout the Northwest region of Europe that are typically undergoing road improvements.  The material is brought to our facility where they’re carefully cleaned and sorted by size and stone type. The installation designs of today don’t always allow for the original full height cobbles. Therefore saw-cutting services are an option; reducing the thickness and supplying the top antique portion –  a thin antique paver! 

The reclamation process, cleaning, sorting and preparation is arduous but we believe is fully worth the investment to bring quality cobblestone and curb to discerning clients throughout the U.S.

Like unearthing a treasure, Historic European Cobblestone® finds a new life with today’s residences, hotels and commercial projects in the U.S. and throughout the world!