We completed both the supply and installation of an antique cobblestone from our collection we call, Historic Sidewalk Cobble® for a client in Northern California earlier this year. The reclaimed antique cobble was installed over a concrete base.

Taking great care to select out the cobble by size, each row represented a  1/4″ difference in size beginning with 5″  squares to 6″. This allowed for uniform joints running from the garage toward the street.

This particular cobblestone is extremely unique in many ways. Historic Sidewalk Cobble® has a very evenly worn antique top and is very clean due to the fact it is reclaimed from pedestrian areas in Europe.  It has a consistent size range in 5″ to 6″ squares and the most beautiful warm color range seen in any authentic, reclaimed antique cobblestone.

We supply Historic European Cobblestone nationwide, so it is not possible to offer installation services in most cases. However we do offer free phone consultation in order to assist our customers in achieving their design goals. For more information, visit our website or call 949-498-0971.