Why is natural stone flooring preferred over man-made or manufactured products?

A natural stone floor can outlast any type of manufactured, man-made product on the market. The color will never fade or change if it is chipped or damaged. Natural stone reflects “unique character, stability, and grandeur—qualities each lover of stone embodies,”  as described by the Natural Stone CouncilVariations in color, pattern, and texture are impossible to replicate, making natural stone more visually interesting. Another big benefit is stone products require little maintenance.

And perhaps the most important benefit; because it comes from the earth, natural stone is environmentally friendly – making it the only natural choice. This fact allows it to contribute towards LEED points which certify buildings are built to “Green” standards. And there are no risks to exposure to harmful chemicals in the home or released into the environment during production. The Natural Stone Institute has more information on the sustainability of natural stone.

A custom natural stone floor often begins with large blocks of stone that are mined and then transported to factories where they are cut into thin slabs.  The slabs are then cut into individual tiles. Veining, crystallization and even fossils may appear in some, but not all of the tiles.  This type of variation is inherent with natural stone and adds to the elegance and charm.

Flooring tiles can be polished, honed, flamed or matte finished and can be cut in almost any size you desire. Although there are many domestic quarries/sources right here in the USA, the most popular with our clients, tends to be French limestone, due to the wider range in colors, variety of non-slip finishes and most importantly, higher density/hardness/durability.

For landscape and paving use, natural stone will blend in with the surroundings including the structure and appear as it should: natural. Some full thickness natural stone and paving stone such as Historic European Cobblestone, can even be salvaged and re-used on future projects or renovations.

If you’re interested in adding greater value and permanence to your home with a natural stone floor, give us a call today!