Granite cobblestone is a great choice for driveway and walkway pavers

Granite cobblestone, also known as Belgium Block and cobblestone setts, are commonly used for paving driveways and walkways. Typically the word “paver” refers to natural stone that is fabricated with saws calibrated for exact dimensions. Genuine cobblestone is available in large sizes such as 5″ w x 8″ x 6″ high and not thought of as a stone paver due to this. However, if the look and feel of charming European cobblestone is what you are after, you do have a choice with genuine antique reclaimed cobblestone in either a full original thickness or sawn thin for paving!

Monarch Stone International imports a genuine 100-400 year old collection of granite and sandstone cobble and curb from Europe. These impressive cobbles can be sawn thin for a paver – providing the top antique portion and a sawn bottom.  The typical height averages 2” thick but we can accommodate thinner requests.

Historic European Cobblestone is reclaimed granite cobblestone unlike many antique granite cobblestone varieties. The natural color range of authentic reclaimed granite cobblestone from our Historic European Cobblestone collection is anything but typical! These well-worn beauties have variations of gray, green, rust and earth tones. The granite extracted from European stone deposits, creates a variation of gray, gray-burgundy and earthy tones, with less obvious crystallization’s. In addition, the 100-400-year-old aged and worn surface of the stones leave a beautiful, authentic aged patina which is unlike anything newly quarried.

Thin antique cobblestone pavers can be used for interior flooring and wall veneer in addition to traditional use outdoors on walkways, driveways and courtyards!  The uniqueness of each cobble is part of the genuine charm and is the reason that natural, old antique cobblestone is so appealing!  With the added feature of saw-cutting or slicing the antique cobble into a thin paver, the options and uses are plentiful!

Installation Tips

Its important to know that installing a sawn or sliced antique cobblestone paver on a sand base is not recommended due to its irregularity and inability to attain tight joints. There are no flat sides on an antique cobblestone that would allow them to ‘interlock’. However, an antique cobble as a thin paver can be installed using wet setting on a concrete/mortar base.  It’s a great choice for a driveway or walkway and responds perfectly to a radiant heat system when the stone thickness adheres to the radiant systems requirements.  It’s a wonderful combination of look and function!

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