Natural stone, especially recycled – reclaimed cobblestone, supports a green, sustainable environment.

As specialists in natural stone products and one of the largest importers and distributors of reclaimed antique cobblestone, our company believes that natural stone, especially recycled – reclaimed stone, supports a green, sustainable environment.

Reclaimed cobblestone, which has been kept from landfills, such as Historic European Cobblestone®, is material that is beneficial in several ways. The American Society of Landscape Architects website published this article, Sustainable Residential Design: Using Low-Impact Materials,  which discusses how “integrated site design” can improve water, energy efficiency and reduce waste. It explains that new and non-recyclable materials used in homes and landscapes consume enormous amounts of resources to produce and distribute, and then create additional waste when they are demolished. Homeowners can significantly increase the quality of the environment through the use of innovative low-impact materials. These materials include permeable, recycled, recyclable, non-toxic materials. Using these materials can minimize consumption of newer materials, enable a continual reuse of limited natural resources, and decrease waste and environmental pollution.

Natural stone is 100% natural, green, sustainable. It is not made with petroleum-based resins or other manufactured materials that are man-made in factories. What can be greener than a product that comes directly from the earth? A stone that has been recycled and re-used!

In addition, the cobblestone installation design plays an equally important role. Installations using a natural sub-base and natural joints will create permeability (storm water run-off) and percolation via the joints. Not to mention that recycling can continue into the future, as cobblestones if set on natural base, can be deconstructed and re-installed in other areas due to a re-design, or even moved to another location!

Give us a call to discuss your specifications and discover how reclaimed cobblestone, and other natural stone materials are a better, greener choice for your project!