Salvaged and recycled cobblestone is unused or unwanted cobblestone paving material that has been saved from the landfills.

Deconstructing old cobblestone streets is not a common practice here in the U.S., however in Europe there are areas that cobblestone is being salvaged or reclaimed. Cobblestone and curb is extracted from streets that require improvements and where replacement is not an option. For 18 years we have imported salvaged cobblestone and curb to locations throughout the U.S. This unique collection is a wide variety of beautifully aged material we call; Historic European Cobblestone®.

It’s a part of our social consciousness to consider conservation, to recycle and reuse discarded items or fashion something different from them. It’s why we are proud of this collection of salvaged, reclaimed and recycled cobblestone material imported from Europe – genuine antique reclaimed cobblestone and curb,with all its history and a rich patina and color so rarely found in domestic or other salvaged cobblestone.

According to the “Use Natural Stone” article; “Top Five Reasons Why Natural Stone is a Sustainable Choice”, salvaging and recycling stone is a very viable option and a sustainable way to ensure that the useful life of the material will be lived out to its fullest. Environmentally, utilizing recycled stone can eliminate the energy, water, and other resources needed to generate new products from virgin or raw material sources, ultimately reducing or avoiding impacts to ecosystems and resource supplies.

Here are some key points to keep in mind when considering a salvaged cobblestone and curb for your driveway, walkway or other:

  • Salvaged, antique cobblestone and curb were not made with equipment that caused pollution. They were quarried by physical labor, hand cut/trimmed between the 17th -20th century.
  • Natural stone is a natural product of the Earth, the original green building material. It does not require other materials or resources to create it.
  • Natural stone contains no harmful chemicals or toxins, an important component of sustainable design.
  • Salvaged, reclaimed granite or sandstone cobblestone have exceptional durability (already time-tested) and little to no maintenance.
  • Cobblestone, when installed on a natural sand base, can be recycled again, re-used as many times as required.
  • When installed on a natural sub-base, with sand joints, or a mix of sand and permeable sand stabilizer, this will allow for permeability which reduces storm water run-off and aids in the reduction of pollutants and reduces erosion.

For more information on antique reclaimed cobblestone, give us a call or visit either of our websites: Monarch Stone or  Historic European Cobblestone. com