Old or new sandstone cobblestone is gorgeous when used for cobblestone driveways. There is a plentiful supply of new (non antique) sandstone available from domestic and international quarries. The sandstone cobblestone page at Monarch Stone International will provide examples of the newly quarried sandstone cobblestone that is available and we have supplied to customers.

The image shown left is old authentic antique Historic European SANDSTONE cobblestone in our smallest size of 3″ to 4″ cubes, also called ‘Mosaics’.This is an extremely tight-grained stone, as hard and durable as granite and used for centuries for street paving and buildings in Europe. The uniqueness of European Sandstone cobblestone is it provides a more foot-friendly surface than traditional granite and a more interesting color range! This type of old world cobblestone is comfortable for walkways or patios and is appropriate for all freeze/thaw conditions! Warm and inviting, the color range of soft grays, greens and earth tones set this variety apart. Available in SIX different sizes seen below, as well as two height options: FULL or SAWN @ 1.5 to 2″ for mortar set applications.

The old authentic sandstone cobblestone was originally harvested or quarried, hand trimmed and installed in village and city streets in Europe 100 to 400 years ago. The top surface is naturally weathered and worn after centuries of exposure to climate, foot traffic, horses and carriages. The patina is impressive and unmistakably real.

Whether old cobblestone or new, a natural, real stone driveway will create a memorable first impression!