We are pleased to announce that Monarch Stone International obtained the registered trademark for Historic Sidewalk Cobble®  from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) this week.

Historic Sidewalk Cobble® is an extremely unique material in our antique cobblestone collection, deserving a protected and recognizable identity.

Reclaimed, salvaged, recycled cobblestone is commonly thought of as being rectangle shaped and gray to dark gray in color.  We offer that type in our collection too – along with  a total of 6 different antique cobble sizes in two different stone types. Then we have what we refer to as Unique and Rare category, including Historic Sidewalk Cobble® .

Historic Sidewalk Cobble® is charming authentic antique reclaimed cobble from Europe, originally intended for pedestrian areas only. The original hand-split stones were carefully crafted to be flat and consistent on top, making this cobblestone extremely foot friendly. In addition, having not been exposed to the dirt, oil, eventual asphalt covering many European cobblestone streets, it is extremely clean.

The patina is warm and colorful. The sizes range from 5″ to 6″ squares and is available delivered nationwide. For more information, please visit the Historic European Cobblestone  website and contact Monarch Stone International.