A generic term with little connection to Belgium

Belgium Block or Belgian Block is a generic term used to describe extremely large, 10” to 12” long blocks of stone, resembling over-sized rectangle cobblestone. Most of the Belgian Block on the market today has actually little or no affiliation with Belgium itself. Some of the block is newly cut stone made in the U.S., or from other areas around the world. These huge rectangle or sometimes cubical shaped pieces of stone are typically made of granite and used for paving, borders and a wide variety of landscaping projects.

The term Belgian or Belgium Block has some historical connection to the 17th and 18th centuries when European ships set sail from ports such as Antwerp, in search of goods to trade. Large blocks of stone were used as ballast for ships that were too light. The ships belly would be filled with goods purchased, then the rough blocks of stone would be left behind and often used for street paving, with U.S. port cities such as Boston, New York, Charleston benefiting. The term Belgium Block has simply stuck, with today’s oversized granite cobblestone blocks – whether domestic, imported, old or new, sometimes being referred to as Belgian Block.

However, if you’re searching for 100% authentic large rectangle cobblestone that is actually from Europe, let Monarch Stone International introduce you to Historic European Cobblestone – genuine reclaimed cobblestone imported from Europe!  Historic European Cobblestone is antique granite (or sandstone) cobblestone varying in size from 5″ wide x 9″ long with even larger sizes available. For many driveways and landscape, large rectangle cobblestone may be exactly what you need to create a memorable and lasting impression for the exterior of your home. As driveway paving, edging or curbing, cobblestone or Belgian Block can create a stunning effect and add curb appeal for the life of your home!

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