Antique Reclaimed Granite Cobblestone

Antique reclaimed GRANITE Historic European Cobblestone driveway or walkway pavers add authentic old world charm to your project! The preferred stone for centuries in street paving and building applications, also known as ‘Belgian Block’ and granite ‘setts’, the natural color range of these old granite cobblestones have variations of gray, green, rust and earth tones. The well worn tops and gently tapered sides are unmistakably hand-made 100 to 400 year old granite cobblestone for your driveway or walkway, imported from Europe! Reclaimed antique Granite cobblestone is literally history beneath your feet, lending timeless beauty as paving for driveways, motor courts, walkways, courtyards, banding and edging. We’ve supplied beautiful projects located across the country from Pebble Beach to New York!

Available in SIX different sizes, and two height options: original FULL height or SAWN @ 1.5 to 2″ for mortar set applications.

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Historic European Cobblestone Specifications

Memorable homes begin with the driveway!

Antique Reclaimed Granite Cobblestone

Reclaimed Antique Granite cobblestone lends timeless beauty as paving for driveways, motor courts, walkways, courtyards.

Antique Reclaimed Sandstone Cobblestone

Charming old-world SANDSTONE cobblestone pavers - as durable as granite. Gorgeous warm colors and a foot-friendly surface!

Historic Sidewalk Cobblestone

Historic Sidewalk Cobble - Rare Finds

Reclaimed antique cobblestone originally used in pedestrian areas only. Surface is very flat and patina is warm and colorful.

Antique Limestone Curb

Antique Reclaimed Curb

Impressive salvaged European CURB. Two stone types; limestone or granite available in various sizes. Excellent for driveways, wonderful edging for walkways and landscape borders.