Whether you’re considering a natural stone interior floor or stone driveway, you’re likely to hear these myths as you navigate the stone selection process.

Natural stone can fit effortlessly into a variety of decors, making it a top choice for interior flooring, countertops, exterior paving or driveways – the options are many. There are several myths about stone. Below are four main concerns shared by the Natural Stone Institute and in combination with our suggestions, we hope will assist in selecting natural stone for your next project!

Myth #1: Stone Stains Easily.

Staining can occur on natural stone, as with practically any surface. But for those considering natural stone, the misperception is that everyday products like red wine, cosmetics, or coffee will stain natural stone countertops or flooring beyond repair. While staining can occur on any light colored material, including some lighter stones, most stains are treatable. Professionals can troubleshoot and as long as the origin of the stain is known.

Three keys to success: if you’re concerned about staining, be mindful of the choice of stone in areas such as the kitchen, high traffic flooring areas, children’s areas before you set your heart on it. Consult with a stone expert to better understand the best stone for your specification and speak with a sealant professional to have the stone sealed.

Myth #2: Natural Stone is Expensive.

Natural stone can be expensive, but the price varies greatly – again like many other materials. Our clients are often surprised at the cost similarity between man-made flooring and real stone tiles as well as man-made driveway pavers and natural stone pavers.The source of the stone, its availability and demand usually determine cost. In addition, working with independent stone professionals like Monarch Stone International, removes overhead costs associated with the larger design or retail stores. Service and consultation are often far more personal. Consider the initial investment and the longevity of natural stone vs. a man-made product – which will have a limited life-span. We believe

We believe natural stone is an investment that will outlast manufactured options.

Myth #3: Natural Stone Requires Too Much Maintenance.

Again, it depends on the stone and where you place it. Yes there are softer stones, such as marble or limestone, which can be susceptible to etching or scratching if placed in areas that are prone to this. Here are some tips:

  • See #1 above – choose where to use stone carefully
  • Consult with and apply a professional stone sealer
  • Use a cutting board when preparing food on natural stone countertops, especially with acidic foods such as tomato sauce or lemons.
  • Use coasters and trivets under glasses and hot pans.
  • Clean spills quickly
  • Do not use harsh cleaning products on natural stone (use a gentle cleanser and a soft cloth)

Myth #4: Natural Stone Goes Out of Style.

In our opinion – never! The design world recognizes that certain colors and finishes go in and out of style. Not the case with natural stone!. It is timeless, classic and durable. Natural stone adds charm, a sense of history (especially true for Historic European Cobblestone) a connection with nature and it brings depth and texture to a setting that is not found in other material. Look around and consider the historic buildings in your area that use stone. There is no denying that new natural stone should age in place beautifully and durably. It is the building material of the ages!

Selecting natural stone for your home or commercial project is an investment decision requiring expertise. Specifying the right stone requires an understanding of the vast choices in types, color and application. With over 35 years experience and global reach with factories and quarries worldwide, Monarch Stone International will provide you with a stone investment that will last a lifetime!