Antique reclaimed GRANITE curb gives new meaning to “curb appeal”

Antique Reclaimed Granite or Limestone Curb adds a classic finishing touch to your authentic reclaimed antique cobblestone driveway or when used as a border or edging! Granite curb is unique and different from limestone curb in both size and color.

Granite curb imported by Monarch Stone International from Europe are oversized (6” wide x12″ long x 12″ high) rectangle pieces that resemble huge cobblestones. Yet they are smaller than the antique reclaimed limestone curb sections that we also import. This smaller size allows more flexibility with design, especially small curved areas. Granite curb can also be sawn to a lower profile in order to accommodate a concrete base. Both the antique reclaimed limestone curb and granite curb are appropriate in all-weather types including freezing conditions.

Granite curb has character and charm and offers a versatile option for your landscape design. It’s a wonderful option used alone as a border or edging with decomposed granite. Compliment your stone driveway and cobblestone walkway or garden areas with genuine antique granite or old limestone curb imported from Europe!