Beautiful antique reclaimed, Historic Sidewalk Cobble® imported by Monarch Stone International, is a very special variety of authentic 100 to 400 year old cobblestone from Europe.

Historic Sidewalk Cobble

Historic Sidewalk Cobble

You can appreciate the cobblestones uniqueness in these images from our clients gorgeous estate in Montecito, Ca.   From the moment you arrive,  6,000 sf  of Historic Sidewalk Cobble greet visitors at the driveway, evoking a feeling of old world authenticity, character and charm!

Of the many  varieties of antique reclaimed cobblestone we offer in the Historic European Cobblestone  collection, this particular antique cobble is the very ‘foot friendly’ with a top surface that is flatter than the traditional varieties. Historic Sidewalk Cobble®  has been worn from centuries of foot traffic – rather than carriage, horse or vehicular, and because it was not used in street settings, it has not been exposed to dirt, oil, and in many cases the eventual asphalt that covered many cobblestone streets in Europe.

The patina is warm and colorful, the natural colors range from browns to warm grays. Historic Sidewalk Cobble is extremely dense, having already withstood hundreds of years of freeze/thaw weather and harsh conditions.

Two sizes are available in a  5″ or 6″ square. The height varies from 2″ to 5”.  For more images visit both our websites, or  HOUZZ and Pinterest.

We’d love to discuss how Historic Sidewalk Cobble can enhance your driveway, motor court and walkways! Give our office a call today!