USA Today Travel Experience America rated Portland, Maine’s Wharf Street one of the ten prettiest, cobblestone streets in America. Just take a glimpse of the street and you can see why. Monarch Stone International believes that walking or driving down a cobblestone street is a completely different experience than traveling across a flat paved ordinary street. Cobblestone streets have personality, history, and beauty. Although the stone creates a rough and tumble moment riding or driving across it, it’s a well worth sacrifice for a timely, aesthetic rock- speckled street.

Tourists and locals tend to gravitate to Wharf Street. This “gravitational pull” isn’t only due to the amazing restaurants and tourist sites but also to the ambience that only cobblestone streets can create.

The restaurant owners of Wharf Street should give thanks to these rounded lumps of stone because it’s safe to say their outside, flickering candlelight tables would not have the same romantic effect without cobblestone. The cobblestone streets give this little city a sense of adventure as visitors walk blocks and blocks on this historic stone site seeing.

We so often take cobblestone for advantage. Monarch Stone International is here to make sure this special stone isn’t overlooked. For us, it isn’t just a type of pavement but a semblance to creating something extraordinary.

Staff Writer: Marissa Britton