No matter where you live, isn’t it time to consider a more water-wise and fire-safe landscape design?

From our friends at, this article “Fire-Wise Landscapes Can Help Keep Your Home and Property Safe” is full of compelling facts and advice such as how to slow down or stop a fire in its path.

  • Break up large planting areas with a combination of fire-resistant plants and noncombustible materials.
  • Reduce the quantity and the size of plants to reduce the fuel for fire.
  • Plant ground covers and shrubs in clumps or groups, rather than in a continuous pattern, to create breaks between them.
  • Avoid plant overcrowding to minimize plant competition for available water and nutrients.
  • Boulders, rocks, gravel or stone in pathways and as a ground cover for bare spaces help create an effective fire break.
  • Deciduous trees are often more fire resistant than evergreen trees because they have a higher moisture content when in leaf.
  • A property on a steep slope with larger vegetation requires greater spacing between trees and shrubs than a level property that has smaller and sparse plantings.

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