Memorable homes begin with the driveway !

Driveways often take up a large part of your real estate and can set the stage or at least become an integral part of the overall feeling you’re trying to convey as you approach your home. Driveways are sometimes considered more utilitarian than something worthy of our attention, yet driveways are used at least twice a day, and they are often both the first and last thing visitors see.

Real stone; cobblestone and stone pavers, whether old, reclaimed antique or new cobble from any number of quarries/suppliers around the world, are easily distinguished from other surface options – nothing compares to the look and feel of real stone. And nothing compares to the longevity of natural stone material – often outlasting the life of your home. The photo above is Historic Sidewalk Cobble®  –  reclaimed cobblestone originally used in European pedestrian areas only. These beautiful hand-split stones were originally created for a flat and consistent surface area, making this cobblestone extremely foot friendly. In addition, Historic Sidewalk Cobble®  has not been exposed to the dirt, oil, eventual asphalt that covered many cobblestone streets. The tops are very flat and patina is warm and colorful. Size: 5″ to 6″ squares x 2″ to 4″ high

We suggest a stunning driveway entrance can be designed for a wide assortment of budgets, whether the entire driveway is paved with genuine antique Historic European Cobblestone or rows of banding are used combined with other natural material such as gravel. A good landscape architect and contractor can provide a variety of options to allow you to create a great first impression.

Its equally important to consider the softscape and garden areas surrounding or near the driveway which will add the necessary style and color to this important area. Slopes, watering issues or just the sheer length of a driveway can all seem daunting obstacles when you’re planning. Then its important to connect the design and plant palette to the home itself. Again, a good landscape designer or architect will assist in creating a warm and inviting ‘welcome home’ feeling for your property.