Natural stone pavers increase your homes curb appeal and last longer!

Natural paving stone is more visually appealing and also has the distinct advantage of lasting longer than manufactured pavers, decomposed granite or concrete. This should be considered when reviewing your overall budget before eliminating what may seem to be a more expensive option.  Ask a contractor how often a manufactured concrete paver surface will require maintenance and how long will it last? Will concrete become unsightly after several years with cracks and uplifting? Replacing decomposed granite/gravel after exposure to weather and wear may become tedious and costly not to mention the mess it makes on garage floors and inside your home.

Most natural stone exterior surfaces if installed properly can last indefinitely. Old reclaimed granite cobblestone, such as the beautiful Historic European Cobblestone and curb we import from Europe, looks amazing, requires no sealant and only simple maintenance! The image below shows a combination of antique sandstone cobblestone and brick banding as an example. But smaller sections of cobblestone can be used for banding or aprons or motor landings combined with other materials, even concrete such as the second image.

Natural paving stone will increase your homes curb appeal and value. Options are many; from new pavers quarried right here in the US, or imported from sources around the world, as well as antique reclaimed cobblestone. Seek a qualified stone professional such as Monarch Stone International to assist you in the assessment of natural stone materials and review installation options.