The use of salvaged materials in construction continues to be a note-worthy topic to share. In an article by Construction Dispatch, reminders of the value of utilizing salvaged building materials is reviewed including some fresh ideas for salvage enthusiasts.

After the completion of every construction project, a lot of waste material is sent to the landfills and salvage yards, but what seems like waste to one person can be gold in the eyes of another. Most of the so called ‘trash’ that gets thrown away from construction sites is actually valuable natural resource that can be utilized again.

With each house that is torn down, a new pile of junk fills the landfills and destroys our environment. De-constructing houses is a slow and steady process but can be very rewarding for the builder if done carefully. There are always certain materials such as wooden planks and beams, floorings, tiles, light fixtures, etc, that can be utilized again if they are taken down carefully.

Builders can benefit from salvaged material in these ways:

  • The major material salvaged from home construction sites is wood. One coat of polish is all it takes sometimes to restore it back to its former condition. Roughly torn wooden planks can be sanded, smoothed and cut down to make them as good a new. Old doors or shutters can be used for tables, shelving or headboards.
  • Often, old furniture, can also be recreated and renovated slightly to give a new look to a newly constructed house.
  • It is very hard to remove tiles in complete pieces. However, even broken pieces can be cut into various shapes and then can be pasted on a wall in the kitchen to give the form of a mosaic design.

Not only is using salvaged material better for our environment, it is also cheaper and the overall look is often homier and cooler than newly bought materials. Some very unique, creative and original designs are created when we work with our imagination after collecting salvaged material. Owners have no way of knowing that the antique door to their bedroom was a salvaged item from an old home and are often glad to have such antiques pieces to boast about.

For exterior use, keep in mind quality landscape pavers for driveways or walkways that have been reclaimed and salvaged and are available through our website;  Authentic antique cobblestone material will be a gorgeous addition to your home.