If you live in a snow zone, an exterior radiant heat system for stone driveways or walkways is a distinct advantage.

Driveways and walkways are a constantly used and vitally important area of the exterior of your home. If you live in a snow zone, shoveling snow is something you’re likely not looking forward to. A radiant heating system may be a distinct advantage and answer to your concerns, if your conditions and budget allows.

A radiant heat system for outdoor driveways and walkways works the same way as those designed for indoors. Two common ways of conducting heat are first, by using an electric current to generate heat on a wired mat. Or the second option which uses a series of tubes, pumping a mix of hot water and anti-freeze. Both installed directly underneath the driveway/walkway areas. Either method keeps the surface warm allowing snow to melt as soon as it makes contact. The system can be turned on with a simple switch from within your home. Some systems even start automatically when temperatures fall below a certain level.

5 reasons to consider a radiant heat system for a driveway or walkway:


An obvious benefit of a system that melts the snow for you, is it saves the physical impact on your back, arms, legs…you won’t have to pick up a shovel again.


No more waking up early or adding extra time to your day in order to shovel, when you have a heated driveway and walkway.


You won’t have to worry about accidents on icy surfaces. For elderly friends or family members, this safety factor will undoubtedly be a relief. And for older persons that live alone, a radiant heat system could possibly help in extending their independent living status.


Heated driveway systems reduce the need for using salt, chemicals or other snow-removal equipment. Salt and chemicals will damage plants if not handled carefully and can affect surfaces over time. There is even a chance that heavy snow removing equipment can damage surfaces if not operated carefully.


A radiant heat system will increase your homes value due to all the advantages!

If you’re looking at new construction, or an existing driveway or walkway, contact your local radiant heat installation companies for a quote. Some installation companies will run tubing beneath an existing pavement however, there could be limitations on the guarantee.  Do research and ask questions. The best solution is to incorporate the radiant heat system into your design before construction begins. It will be laid underneath the surface prior to the stone or pavement being installed.

Natural stone, including cobblestone, is a great choice for a driveway or walkway and responds perfectly to the radiant heat system when the stone thickness adheres to the radiant systems requirements. The photo shown above is a driveway project in Lake Tahoe CA that installed a heating system under the cobblestone supplied by Monarch Stone International. The cobblestone is from our Historic European Cobblestone collection, authentic antique granite cobblestone in a 5” x 5” size, originally 5” tall. We reduced the height by saw-cutting each cobble to an average of 2”. This provides you with an authentic cobblestone paver which works well in the Lake Tahoe area which receives snow and freezing conditions an average of 6 months out of the year.

Give us a call to discuss the many types of natural stone pavers available that will work with radiant systems and provide you with a beautiful driveway!